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How Does ERC Help the Hospital?

The referral originates with the Physician to furnish the Supplier with “Exactly as the doctor ordered” information. The Physician can allow DME Suppliers to receive orders and create ERC referrals for electronic signing and approval without having to pull patient charts.

It provides a secured point of origination for the physician to expedite the referral from their hospital.

The program keeps you updated and automatically makes any necessary changes to current information and/or forms.

Discharge planners can select to use ERC Referrals from their hand-held devices or allow DME suppliers to enter in the order as received and  speed the discharge process significantly.

Physicians appreciate having this convenience while at the hospital. The quality of the hospital’s care for its patients is greatly increased.

Built-in zip code searches for the suppliers in the patient’s home area make the referral process easy.

The referral transfers to the Physician’s office for any follow-up, and if any more documentation is need for finalization of the referral, it can be completed without the hospital’s staff having to check and re-check the status of the referrals.


ERC provides “instant” referrals from the physician’s office and hospital.

You can start billing with the correct and irrefutable documentation necessary for funding of services.

Referrals are available for viewing at your convenience with a few clicks.


Referring Equipment becomes as easy as writing a prescription.

It saves enormous amounts of Time and Money, which allows your staff more time to focus on quality patient care.

ERC puts the physician in the driver’s seat.


Physicians appreciate the support from the hospital of expanded patient care.

The discharge process is accelerated by using electronically processed referrals.

The referral is completed by sending it to the supplier and the physician for signing.