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Welcome to ERC
 ERC is an electronic order processing program designed to propel the medical referral beyond the speed of cell phones, fax machines and other modern technologies. Moving referrals at the speed of internet capabilities makes the product necessary in today’s medical community.

Eliminating the need of lengthy phone calls, faxes and mailings will save enormous amounts of time and money. ERC is designed to guide and educate the user on qualifying parameters and documentation necessary for referrals. This will prevent the return of incorrect documentation.

FAST, ACCURATE, DEPENDABLE makes ERC a must for today’s hospitals, physician offices and referral suppliers.


Equipment Shortages Targeted by VentilatorProject.Org
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The House and Senate come together to Pass Relief Funding
During the COVID-19 pandemic the House and Senate join forces to pass pandemic relief funding.

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Competitive Bid Categories - 2021 Round
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